Thursday, September 19, 2013

This is how it went...sort of..

Early this month, I was able to head out to SUNY Cortland to watch Dan start in his first college football game.  He is a freshman, but he has worked over the summer to lift and get in better shape for his first season.  He knew he would be on the offensive line.  He moved to starting on the special teams, to starting at offensive line left tackle.  Pretty good for a freshman.  So I was happy to drive the 4 1/2 hours to watch his first game.  I have a friend that lives in Cortland, so I met up with her before the game and then we headed to the game with her hubby and daughter.  Here they are, all lined up for the National Anthem... That's him...that little #63.

They were playing against Buffalo State.  It didn't go as well as hoped and they ended up losing... The first possession and play for that offensive line, they scored a touchdown.  They were excited and yelled and jumped up and down.  That's when Dan lost his mouth guard.  And played the rest of the game without it...oops!
Dan did a good job.  He played every offensive play of he game.  He came out only when they were on defense.  He smacked a helmet with his right arm midway through the second quarter.  It felt bad..real bad.  But he kept playing.  and playing and playing...

Here he is just waiting for the offense to go back out.  After the game, the trainer checked his arm again and gave him ice.  He was hurting pretty bad.  He reported back in on Sunday at noon.  The trainer told him to go for an X-ray, so he did.  Yep, he broke it.  The ulna was broken clean through and he got a splint.  Out for 6-8 weeks to start with and then must rehab/strengthen it.

It could be a medical red-shirt year.  Don't have to decide yet.  Disappointing, for sure.  But last weekend, a high school player in a nearby town took a helmet to helmet hit and lived 3 days.  I'll take the broken arm.
It is his right arm, but he's our lefty, so it allows him to take lots of notes and get his homework done.  Good Deal!!  We picked him up last friday for his only trip home for the fall.  I asked was he going to practice.  I said well what can you do.  He said watch and listen and learn...yep. 

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cshamp said...

"Watch and listen and learn". You've got a good kid there, Karen. Just a little speed bump in his football journey.