Wednesday, September 25, 2013

memories a bit...

I popped on here prepared to write about meeting around the flagpolde at school at 7am this morning, but I think I'll write about something else first.
I poked sign in on my screen.  Still haven't figured out what got switched and why it never says signed in when I am reading blogs, which makes it impossible to add new books read to the side bar...or make any adjustments over there from 2 computers.
ANYWHO....  when originally set up, you go to a profile/posting page and you post who you are following there.  These are not the same ones that pop up on the side of the page.  You know, that place where I have trouble doing any adjustments :O)  So i just starting scrolling down over there on that long-ago list and thought "these are people i don't read anymore, I wonder what they've been doing for a long time since I did read them?"  So I clicked and looked.  Many of these people haven't posted in a year and some several years.  It makes me feel a little better.  I have been slacking on writing here.  It's a little like the ebb and flow of life.
I once had a job that I was connected to the internet all the time and there were lots of time of waiting for processing or printing and then writing at lunchtime. At those times I wrote several times a week. At the time that i did Missing Mom, i posted at least once a week with a  picture of me.  With connection problems with my home computer, cleaning of two and resetting somethings I can't figure out how to set back, blogging is just harder to get to and then a headache when it bombs or I can't get what I need or where I need it.  I've also evolved into someone who thinks there has to be pictures every post.  Silly, isnt' it?  I enjoy reading posts that have more words than pictures.  And I have continued to read and read and read, just not so good at posting.
So I'll just reboot my blog posting motor and get at it. And never wonder where anyone else is that I'm supposed to be reading.  Because perhaps their kids have them running in 3 different directions at once and perhaps their computers are functioning at good as they should.  And perhaps whenever their boys fires up a PS3, it makes it so they can't connect and there is a lot of talk of boosting and expanding and plug in and wired up stuff and much difficulty for so simple of task.

and so...

This morning I headed to my local school flag pole.  It is the yearly See You At The Pole event.  We had a pretty thin group at 7, but a few minutes later, the light must have changed somewhere, because it filled in quite nicely.  The kids run it and they did a good job. We had prayer, music, a devotion, more prayer and ended with Amazing Grace.  We have youth tonight.  It will be good to connect with many of them again at Bible Study.  That's the part of youth we do, the Bible Study.  We have a great book called HER on Proverbs 31.  This will be our first week in the book and I'm excited to get it going!  Gotta run to get my portion of the food.  Yeah, we bribe them a bit to get them there and it works.  If you've just been to school all day, then practice and you get home for a shower and food, you just might not want to come back out.  We eliminate that problem by making them food.  Then there is the friend factor.  We all eat together then we break out into 5 groups by gender and age.  It has worked for us so far.  Last week we had around 40, which is pretty good for a school this size.
Thinking I'd better get moving.  Yesterday I went to the Erie office dressed sort of grubby and finished peeling the wallpaper in the bathroom.  Bathrooms are small and the paper was only on the bottom half, but Andrea had peeled the top layer of the vinyl paper off and some of the backing, but there was lots left.  I'm happy to say that, apart from the edges of the bars on the wall, the room is paper free.  Happily ready for a coat of fresh paint all around and a sink replacement.  Thinking we are leaving the base and just putting more of a kitchen sink on the top as this is the only sink in the place and sometimes you need to fill a pot or make coffee or water your flowers.  Might paint the base of that fresh white... Then I brought home our carpet scrubber from there and did Scott's office here and the living room.  It's been way too long, but they are clean now...not spot free, but clean and that counts BIG!!
Have a great day...

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