Monday, May 20, 2013

My picture sure looks squatty.  I'll post it anyway.  I know you'll understand.  This weekend we made our maiden voyage with our camper.  I know, you still can't believe we are camper people.  Well, we are working on it.  This was one of my projects that was toted along to Meadville KOA.  It was not crowded at all.  Well, it's not summer yet.  I have many projects that need to get done before graduation is a month.  WOW!  I shouldn't have said that. Now I'm going to start to panic.  But no.  I'm all over it and it's all good.  I don't have time to escape for a weekend.  But I did anyway.  And I took my first grad quilt.  It was done except for hand sewing the binding on.  It was a good project to take.  I can talk and stitch.  Harder to read and talk, but I did a bit of that, too.  I finished my Newbery book, so I need to stop in and get another tomorrow.  I have another adult book on my kindle that I'm working on, so I didn't go without! 
This is the back of the quilt.  I had a strip of those pieces left over, so I pieced it through the middle of the back to give me just a little more extra to work with.  I'm really liking this quilt.  I did from the beginning, but the blocks were kind of I used the sashing to calm it down a bit.  I have those strips around the edges of the quilt front too.  I hope she likes it.  If not, she can send it back.  I'd be happy to spend hours under this quilt!!
So, if you are reading this, and it's not too difficult for you to post, please let me know all kinds of good places to camp.  I don't have tons of empty days this summer and I knew that in February...that's why we booked summer vacation in January...otherwise it doesn't happen.  But I'm making a list...and I'm taking notes and I'm hoping to get lots of places eventually.  Do you like campgrounds, state and national parks, or do you do some of that 'boon docking'?  I think that's what it's called...

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