Monday, October 15, 2012

What's happening now... were wondering what I've been up's a little blurry, but this is the quilt I've been sewing.  I've done this pattern before. It's actually the one I used for my oatmeal quilt, but with the blue center squares, it is more obvious.  I like it.  Wish is wasn't quite so out of focus.

Anybody need an old TV??  Me neither... I've already moved that microwave and the desk and gut buster are going to the senior auction.  Maybe I'll throw in the TV as a bonus....

Dan's Favorite Sister took his senior pictures....this is his favorite.  I asked where the shirt and tie picture was for the mom.  They rolled their eyes. 
This is what the trees looked like around here a week ago.  Now a lot of these are blowing around.  Garret told me they wouldn't last long because of our summer weather and he was right.  They were beautiful while they lasted, though.  Do you live where you get to see all this glory in the fall?  It's cocoa weather and I'm OK with that.  We are still waiting for a load of fireplace wood.  They said it wouldn't be too early.  We have some and we don't heat a lot with it, just warm the place up a bit.  Tonight, after football, might be a good time to have a fire in the fireplace.  The sky is dark gray, it's been raining off and on all day, and the wind is blowing.  Yep, got all the makings for a good fireplace night.  Throw in a good book, movie, and/or some knitting and it's a winner for sure!

Since it's October, it's time to be thinking about tagging the tree.  I spent some time on Sunday afternoon, wandering around the pines with a friend or 3.  My mom gets her tree here, too, but she's off on a trip, so I didn't wait for her,.  It might snow next week and I won't be able to get through the drifts to find a perfect tree.  I'll go back up with her another day.  I like it up there.  It's above the world with a wonderful view.  Last year we were there with our fleece and warm hats, but yesterday, I was there in my pink T-shirt and my shorts.  We even used pink ribbon to tag our names on them, but added the yellow caution tape as a bonus for those of us who might have trouble finding our pink tags...AND... we made a map this year, so we could find them in November in the snow.  I always buy one that's several feet too tall for my ceiling and then I cut the bottom off and stick some of that lovely Frasier fir in all sorts of places.  Just to be festive, you know.  As of today I have purchased and/or made ZERO Christmas gifts, but my tree and I are all set!
Come back soon.  I'll try to do better on my writing.  I have to tell you about senior day at the football game where I hardly cried at all...

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Sue said...

How cool to be tagging a tree already!

Cute quilt, too.