Monday, October 8, 2012

It's the Most WONDERFUL time of the YEAR!!

yes, it's SCRAP & SEW weekend and it was fun, fun, fun...sorry for cutting your head off a little Cindy...then I couldn't figure out how to put it back on.  We had a good time.  I finished several half-done pillowcases, 2 aprons, and a flannel couch cozy top.  I also picked up some stuff at the store, delivered some Chinese auctions things to a golf outing, took a kid to catch the football bus, went to a football game an hour or so away, made a few trips home for some stuff from my stash....I did NOT knit a purse, and I am sad about that.  Neither did Sue Henry.
Our shirts say "We left the Suds in the bucket, and the clothes hanging out on the line."  And we did.  And it's OK.  They were still there when we got home....but we had fun together.  Notice top left, our friend Elaine.  This October she proudly put pink highlights in her hair...last year she wore eyeball antennae on a headband on her bald and bold head.  We LOVE you, Elaine!!  We've always got a chair for you!!  Fight like a girl!!
It is so good to get together with a bunch of women for a weekend with little or no interruptions.  If you don't yet, you should try it.  I only got the knitting out for a show and tell, but I needed to cut this weekend.  Sometimes your brain just tells you what you need to do - cut and sew...
what did YOU do this weekend???


Sue said...

It looks like all of you have such fun together. What a great group!


Hen Jen said...

oh how fun! I haven't been to a scrap weekend in a few years (sadly I don' sew) but I always looked forward to them.