Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tagged by a friend!

I was tagged last week by a blog friend. We have never met, but we've been reading each other's blogs for quite some time. You will find her over at Home Is Where You Start From.
Here goes, Jenn!! She sent me the questions, and I must answer and then pass this along....


1) Did you pick your blog name for any special reason??
YEP!! When I was little and staying with my Grandma Green, she'd tell me if I didn't have anything to do, I could just sit and twiddle my thumbs. I twiddled a lot in church when I got fidgety next to her, too! I decided, if I ever had any kind of a shop, TWIDDLE would be part of it.

2) How long have you been blogging and why did you start blogging?
Wow...back in my memory. Maybe 4 years ago I started my own blog. Just checked. It was July of 2008. In January of that year, I had picked up a Country Woman magazine and read an article about alpacas. I was very interested and googled them. One of the sites was a blog..I still read her stuff. I printed off a bunch of alapaca info from sites and then started reading the rest of this blog. I also signed myself and a girlfriend up for the BC 3day walk that summer. I started reading some blogs of people that went along with that. I decided to start writing one of my own.

3) My favorite dessert.... I like my dessert. I have to say I like my Grandma's recipe of Rice Pudding and my mom's Pecan Pie. I would have said chocolate, but I consider that a staple and just necessary for existance,

4) Coffee or Tea?? Tea, and I really prefer it cold...and sweet... but hot is OK, but I'm a bit of a lemon or fruit tea kind of girl.

5) A Bucket List.... I have one, somewhere, I think... Owning Red Boots was one, but I got them for my birthday... I have some states in the west I'd really like to visit. I have to say a trip west would be right up there.

6) What was my worst subject in school.
In college, I didn't know what to take, so I took computer science, because they said that's where the jobs would be. In 1980, that meant taking programming languages. Not nice. Before I graduated, I had to call and make sure I had passed a required class, COBOL 2, so I could graduate. Computers have been involved in most of my jobs since then, but I've never been required to write my own programs from scratch... And that's lucky!!

7) What was the last, really good book that you read?? I'm reading a pretty good one now, but there are more swear words in it than I like, so I think I'll think back : I think I'll pick A TURN IN THE ROAD by DEBBIE MACOMBER. I can read her anytime and I know it was a comfortable read. I'm always open to a new one, though!!

Now I have to:
1 - Post the Rules
2 -Pick 5 more bloggers by posting links to their blogs and letting them know.
3 - Give them 7 questions to answer.
4- Answer the questions put to you on your blog.
5 - Have FUN!

So I'll try to pick:

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and.... Celebrating Motherhood Every Day

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cpcable said...

Great interview! Around 2008 is when I too discovered the world of blogs. I was searching for a plastic-free alternative to something and came upon the blog Fake Plastic Fish, which I still read. :)