Monday, April 16, 2012


OK, so it may look like I've been sluffing off. I have been sluffing in some parts of life, but I've been in overdrive in others, and there's only so much to go around!! Tomorrow marks the official end of the tax season. WOOHOO!!!
I've been missing my friends. I've been missing walking and knitting and reading and having a little better idea where things are ....Tax season is sort of like seasons of farming. You've got to make hay while the sun shines...and you can work like crazy, knowing that it is a short time push with a break after. I could never keep the pace for too much longer, and I enjoy it for the most part... but alot of stuff just floats along for a housework (darn) and baking...

THE KITCHEN PROJECT: It is COMPLETE!! I just love our new kitchen. The old one was functional and got lots of use, but the new one is just waiting for cooking!! Last night I made my first batch of cookies. The abundance of work space just makes me smile all over. Still have some stuff downstairs, but the storage is good, too. Still have to look around for where some stuff is stashed. A place for everything was one of the goals... I just need a few reminders!! Still have the old wooden cupboard to move up to the dining room, so I can finish unloading the hutch and the plan is to get rid of it. Bless someone else. Hey, I'm over 50. I'm in for practical and useful. Less dusting for right now, at least. We are waiting for the arrival of the stools for the island area, and then we're officially open for business! Hoping that is this week. Otherwise I might have to go to Lowe's a pick up another one or two little wooden stools so we don't fight over the one that is there... They are a little low, but they'll work.
On the agenda for the next week or so :
* perhaps a new curtain for the kitchen window.
* a new work apron for Andrea's friend at Pine Junction.
* a baby quilt for someone I really appreciate these days... :o)
* a second baby quilt for someone who is very special to us.
* CO for a knitting project I've been itching to start... the Sunlight Shawl for Sad People from Ravelry. I got some new yarn to try this out.
* also cast on for my next sweater/vest. Got the pattern and the yarn for the top, different yarn for the bottom to be determined after knitting awhile and seeing what way I want to go with the color... it's OK to do it this way. Sometimes you just have to quietly wait for a color to call you.
* start another BIG quilt project for a gift...maybe won't get done in time, but I'm shooting for it before July 4th to get quilted. My machine quilter is a teacher, so I'm probably out of luck until school is out. But she does a heck of a job. Thanks, Carrie at The Quiltery!!
* Chick Flick Fest...yes, it might be a whole day in pjs with movies. What to watch?? I think I can knit at the same time. Better get some Ben & Jerry's for this, too... Cherry Garcia...Chubby Hubby...what' s your fav?
* This list is getting pretty long...and I left out cleaning, didn't I ?? OOps!! yeah, there might be a bit of that...


Sue said...

It is so much fun to have a new kitchen! Not so much fun getting there, but worth it in the end...



Karen Sue said...

Thanks sue! I spend a lot of time there, so it's nice to have more function, more space to work, more seating, open to the dining room!!

Carrie said...

You are a busy lady... but today is April 16th! Gotta be excited about that. And thanks for the love on your blog - I can't wait to see what you're working on!