Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It's been a busy last while, here in beautiful Findley Lake NY....at least at MY house it has...

Junior High boys basketball was switched from fall to January and February...not so good when you are tax people who need to make hay while the sun shines. Albert had a pretty good year, especially considering that they only had 6 players and one blew out his knee in the first (or second) game...big time...nasty surgery and brace and crutches and all. That leaving 5 players, who played all the games, all the time. Except when Albert fouled out or Josh hurt his ankle, then they had to grab 7th graders to step in. It was good experience for them and hey, no one had to sit the bench, so that was a good thing!!

Dan's Varsity had a good run, losing in the Section Championship game to Panama. He is a good player and a good sport and I appreciate those qualities and strangers from other school do, too.
It is sad for the seniors, but not many kids get to end their high school career with a W.

Both boys are now moving on to spring sports. Dan is already practicing baseball, and I took bert to his golf meeting today after school. They will be practicing in 2 weeks and then it's just a mad dash to the end of school.

Hammers, nailers, wiring and switches are busy here. We are at the end of a crazy construction project. I've enjoyed the crew, but it will be nice to be all settled back in again. It just gets wild, crazy, cluttered and a little dirty around here during a normal tax season, but with pulling wires from one end of the house to another, taking out a wall and the soffits, putting new stuff where it needs to go and just working around all the stuff that is stuck somewhere else for now, it is near nuts...but the end is in sight and we're smiling big here... it looks great. After being here 15 years for me and 20 for Scott, with stuff starting to fall apart from heavy use, it was time for some TLC. Anxiously awaiting my first batch of cookies. Dan couldn't wait, so last night he dragged out my favorite mixer, and the ingredients for peanut butter pie and made two. The funny thing is, when I went to show someone this morning, one of the pies was missing!!! Imagine that!!

I'm off this weekend for Scrap & Sew, but am looking forward to settling back into the kitchen. Home Sweet Home,.....


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Nice post! Looking forward to seeing the finished remodel project. We've done that here, and the mess drives me nuts.

Would love to stop at the HI to see you and your projects this weekend; but if I don't get over there, please give an update. These retreats are always more fun than a blog post can contain!

Sue said...

Can't wait to see photos of the remodel. Glad everyone is enjoying their sports activities. I remember those days fondly.