Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Scrap & Sew #18 - Spring 2012

Old Friends Are The Best....

They're the Spice of Life!

HELLO!!! Welcome to SCRAP & SEW #18 !! So happy you could join us!! Cindy Willink is ALWAYS happy to be here. She especially likes it when I take her picture.

Willowe was there bright and early to get started. She was there before I was supposed to be, but I was late, so she had some alone time...with her fabric and machine...and her thoughts...Annette just had to come to chill with us... she spends a lot of time just laughing and laughing, but right here, she was resting from laughing...Kathy is caught in the middle of ....I can't remember, but we were laughing and laughing and most of us couldn't stand up like she is because we were laughing hard enough to have to sit and cross our legs and wipe our tears...We have several of these occurances during a weekend...some of them happen more than once over the same things...anyone seen that baby bottle??? Sue Keys Henry was working on this great zigzag quilt. She did chap out on us on Saturday night, because is was St Patrick's Day and she can never remember a St Patrick's Day that she didn't have a Reuben with her mom. We let her go to Martha's for a few hours, as long as she promised to come back to entertain us some more. We just LOVE Sue. Although I don't think she DID get a purse knit this time....but that's another story....much laughing involved there, too!Renee was happy to show off her West Virginia wedding pictures from the Willink wedding. She did such a nice job at it. Yellow and white polka dot paper....use as much as you want....This was my first project on Friday. I found this brown fabric with brown feathers and thought it was a good thing to use to try my hand at some throw pillows for the Living Room.Hard to see them in the evening, when I was taking this picture, but I like the way they turned out. I'm going to make some more...bigger...maybe piping...I'm braver now... This is to demonstate how serious a crafty weekend is. You must bring lots of stuff. Whether you know what you are going to do or not, you must be prepared... If not, you go to Joann Fabrics at 3:2o on Saturday afternoon, after Kathy has broken 5 needles and the heavy duty thread is running low.. Steph was having a great time across from Elaine and Beth just scrapping her heart out. And Beth got the piecing done on this strip quilted hanging for her railing. WE all know what she is trying to cover up, do you??? Evening up the edges and binding and hanging straps and she's ready to go...

I spent the rest of the weekend making dreads... one after another...just sewing tubes of fabric and batting...the good news...no broken needles for me...Cheryl chose to show me up, by sewing hers into a rug thing. I really waited for her to figure that part out, so I wouldn't have to sew rip so much. It worked. She learned some tricks and I'm anxious to get at mine again. This is our friend Elaine. This time she has hair. We love Elaine and what she's been through the past year has been tremendous.

Cancer, mastectomy, Chemo, radiation,a Relay for Life team of her own, both children's weddings.... what to scrapbook first!?!?

And here is the gang for this Spring...

We Will Meet Again!! In September!!

Kathy, Peggy, Stephanie, Beth, Cheryl & I

Cindy, Elaine, Jocie, Sue & Renee

Lucinda, Willowe, "Kristy", Annette & Judy


Be Still and KNOW... said...

Still would love to come up for one of these... since most of your friends, I'm friends with too.... some of them I even knew first ;-)

Love your dreads! Might have to try that out on sister week.

Sue said...

You guys always seem to have so much fun with it!


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Honestly I did think a couple of times to run over and see the action, but things were going on at my place that needed my attention. Thanks for the pictures. I love that you are all working on various types of projects and not just one thing - something for all of us to see.

Nothing like a girl weekend away from home, is there?!