Thursday, February 23, 2012

where we're at,,,

This is my pantry cupboard with the doors on!! Can't wait to load this baby up. The right hand door is the broom closet, but much space does my broom REALLY take up?? But for right are on hold until the countertops arrive. There are other things to do, but the counter is the next piece of the puzzle... I keep telling myself how good that first batch of cookies is going to taste. I'm having a bit of baking withdrawl and it's only the end of the 3rd week.

Here is the stool I sit on to practice sitting at my island, eating fresh warm cookies while I wait for the dinger to ding for the next batch to come out. You know how important it is to practice your skills, right???


Sue said...

Very nice, Karen!


Hen Jen said...

how exciting! It's all going to be really lovely!!

Be Still and KNOW... said...

So, if you are having baking withdrawal you are welcome to come to my kitchen... I think it's still fully functioning.... Although I did having a flame jumpin fire in the oven a couple minutes ago.!