Sunday, February 26, 2012


Today we went to another church. Our friend was preaching and we'd been wanting to go hear him speak. He was one of our speakers for the youth retreat last weekend, and I enjoy his enthusiasm. He is on FIRE for the Lord and it shows.

Today he spoke on Matthew 5:13-16. Salt and Light. Good stuff. The time just flew by and I couldn't believe it was time to be done. It was a contemporary service with the adult praise and worship group. I do like my old time hymns, but the music was good, very good. I think we'll go back and hear him again. Sometimes you just need your fire fanned from time to time in a different way. Maybe the 8:30 service and then back to our regular church service. I did miss my church family and my sunday school class. They are such a great group.

Thanks Ben. For making us think about where we are and what we're doing and where we're going. For letting us know that reflecting isn't enough - we need to let God's light shine out from us.

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Sue said...

It's always good to hear the word from a new voice. Glad you enjoyed your visit!