Thursday, November 3, 2011

Playing where the BILLS play!

Today our highschool football team will take this field in their last game of the season. It's called Ralph Wilson Stadium. And we've been here before. And I was here the first time. In the fall of 1979, I was a senior cheerleader, and my football team was the first one to play an end of season game in Rich Stadium. We got to stand on the sidelines there. And it was AWESOME!! We won, which made it even better. I think about that senior season every autumn, and all the memories I have as a cheerleader for football and basketball. It was a pretty good sport when I was in school to be a cheerleader. Maybe not taken so seriously these days, but I'll have you know that a pair of white and gold saddle shoes still sits in my closet!!
Dear God, keep all the players safe as we travel to the game and play, and as our girls' volleyball team goes from there to their game .....GO PIRATES!! It's gonna be a good, good day!!


Sue said...

SO exciting, Karen!


Hen Jen said...

what a neat opportunity, and what neat memories for you!!