Wednesday, September 14, 2011

good september morning.....

I've decided not to be totally lazy all day. The problem is, when you've been given pretty much a don't lift anything that weighs anything, I don't always think about how heavy things are. I've been lifting big things forever. I was a big, strong, healthy kid and I did as much as I could. Now I reach and then think NO!! Don't do it!! You'll regret it later!! So I've been hiding in my room alot.
I had my first experience with an e-reader and I have to admit, it was handy. I feel like I'm cheating on my books, though. I love to read. And I have a lot of books. And I use the library quite a bit. And I trade around with my friends. Right now, Heaven Is For Real is being read by a fifth person. That is sharing at it's best. I didn't really understand all the functions of the kindle, either. I'm sure I used way more battery than I should have and I'm not sure why or what to change around. So I didn't have time for another book before the battery ran out. So perhaps I had something turned on that shouldn't have been or didn't shut it down like I should have. If you have one, how long can you go between charges??? do you just put it on the charger every night when you go to bed??? Just wondering. It is nice and lightweight. There are options to the viewing. I didn't rip any of the pages. I missed the smell of pages. I missed looking at the cover. I am a rut person. I don't adjust to change well. So, do you have one?? Do you love it?? Did it totally replace books for you??
But I've been doing some knitting. I am looking at the last several inches of knitting on my Swing jacket before I do 8 rows of seed stitch. I may have to break out a bottle for that part. Seed stitch makes me just a little more than crazy. Perhaps a painkiller would help, but I'm not sure what it would look like. Also been working on one stocking and trying to decide how to judge the size of the foot. I ripped the foot and most of the heel off the first one and it is just waiting for resurrection....not much good right now...the goodies would all fall into the Christmas fire and there'd be no Yule for You!! Perhaps this is the stocking you get when you've been NAUGHTY!! So I do have some projects to occupy my mind and keep me from lifting heavy things and I really want to wear my very first sweater, so that my top priority for today...see how many of those rows I can get done!! Have a great one!!


Sue said...

Be careful not to overdo, Karen. I know it's tempting, but you will be better in the long run if you can avoid it.

I'm keeping you in my prayers for a quick recovery.


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I don't have a Kindle, and I don't care to own one. But they sure tempt when when I am lying in bed with a book that tends to get a bit heavy!