Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation

Today I am on my summer vacation. It is HOT...very hot. But we are at a lake and the water is fine. We headed for New Hampshire this summer. Not doing much, just rather hanging out and for our active family, that is a vacation from the norm. We have all finished at least one book, have a bit of a sunburn, have eaten more than we should, have been to see a comedian, have traveled over to Freeport ME for shopping, and part of us have been to a NASCAR race. Nothing more is planned for the vacation, but lounging. I'm good with that. Haven't even taken that many pictures. Our rental house is an old barn restored and it has lots of room, which is nice. Everyone is on their own time schedule and up late and sleeping late seems to be the norm for the kids. All have their own space and 2 screened in porches help to expand our space. One 1000 piece puzzle has been completed and cleaned up and I wouldn't be surprised to see another on the table, but that was before the reading started in full swing, so we'll see, I guess.
We drove across with the GPS taking us the shortest, but not the fastest way and we saw some really neat places in Vermont and New Hampshire, but it is a haul back home, so Saturday morning that will be adjusted to the fastest way home.
I've also been doing some knitting. A quick dishcloth on the way here and then tried my hand at another Christmas stocking and I'm really liking that. Also brought the instructions and yarn for the sweater I got for my birthday. I just can't quite get the hang of "knit in the front and back of the stitch" and although it's going more like a "make one", in the end, it looks like a "yarn over' with a hole. Guess I'll be pulling it all out and having someone show me. My knitter friend, Anna tried to show me a couple of times, but I just didn't get it, so she just did it for me and now she's not here and I'm still stumped!!
2 weeks until Summer Songfest 2011. Looks like we have around 30 singers, but I'd love even more. We do a whole day of practice and a concert that night. It was alot of fun last time, so I'm hoping for as much this year.
My friend David went to Pittsburgh yesterday in an ambulance. It has been encouraging to hear reports on his progress. No speech yet, but moving all 4 limbs and even taking the pen from the nurse a couple of times. I went to see him before we left. He has lived in Pittsburgh for around 15 years and it will be easier on the wife and kids to have him there.
Today my partner in crime, Elaine, has Chemo #4 of 6. She has been feeling pretty good so far and she knows radiation will follow this, but in between, her son gets married in Florida and she has been waiting for that day for a while. Her daughter also adds a wedding for next year into the mix. Never a dull moment.
Guess I'd better get back up to work on Daniel. My friends all got together and did the chapter already, so I'm doing a bit of catchup. We had Bible School the week before we left and work in the day and Bible school at night tends to take the stuffing out of you pretty quick!! Sleep is deep! Have a great day!


Caroline in NH said...

If you're in the Lakes region (Winnipesaukee area) make sure to take a side trip to Center Harbor, to visit Patternworks & Keepsake Quilting. To tell the truth, Keepsake used to be a lot bigger and more impressive, and had a small cross-stitch business on the side. I do think that since they bought Patternworks, both businesses have downsized. In this area, however, they are still among the nicer shops.

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Enjoy your vacation!