Sunday, June 5, 2011

Table of 8

I don't think I've written lately about the table of 8. We had a month or two skipped in spring with the crunch of tax season, but we're back at it. We got together this Saturday night at our house. It was the weekend of the big local 3 on 3 basketball tourney, and it was actually the first year they did one in Jamestown and one in Warren. Our friend's kids played in Warren and ours played in Jamestown, but we managed to get together around 6:30, even with rain delays and high wind warnings!
It was so good just to get together again with the other 6 and eat some steaks and potatoes and salad and fruit and dessert...of course we had dessert....actually, we had 2 desserts! And then we sat outside for quite a while, because even though we had ruled out eating outside, sitting outside and having a fire. We ate inside, but the deck called us, so we had the most of our booktalk outside. We had read HEAVEN IS FOR REAL. and had lots of interesting discussion about it. I'm always anxious to see where discussion will go from the starting point of our book reading. It's a good group to bounce ideas off of and to take the devil's advocate, forcing someone to stand up for their opinion.
When the bugs got busy and the light started to fade, we moved back inside...after all we HAD cleaned up the family room for this purpose! and we went there to finish the discussion, and to talk about our summer trip, lined up for August - 3 days on the edge of the finger lakes. We were starting to talk about all the options for activities, but I'm voting for less going and more being. The 4 girls are doing Beth Moore's Daniel study this summer and we'll have our weekly meeting of that to fit in, along with the book for the month. We are opting for a B&B and we'll have all 4 rooms, so that will be fun. Our package includes a credit toward a meal at the Dinosaur Bar and Grill, which others have said was awesome. Letchworth Park walking is a possibility on our way out...lots of eating ....and I think it will be a week off of chocolate. That is our little trip with friends. So we firmed up some of the decisions about that...
and then we had to pick a new book and I guess we hadn't really thought about it, so we just hemmed and hawed a bit and then we started digging around the shelves and the CBD catalog and who do we like and who has something new out and we decided on CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan. We both have a copy and I had started mine, but not gotten too far, so I'll just start over and fold down pages in my bookclubbing method!!...maybe some sticky arrows to make my points and we're good.
Plans were made and the date tossed around for our July date and then it was time to go home. We had done prayer breakfast and the BBAll tourney parents had been up early and out in the rain and the sun and we were ready to sleep!
Can't wait for next month and getting together again!


Lisa Loo said...

THis sounds like so much fun and so cozy! I am not usually a joiner of book club type things but this sounds fun. Sounds like you got lots planned and talked about!

Karen Sue said...

It is fun. 4 girls (OK, we're pretty old girls!) did a Bible Study one summer at 6am at our church. 2 are teachers and one a teacher's wife with little kids, so summer worked out well. When summer was done, we didn't have mornings to get together anymore and decided to turn it into a once a month get together with our guys and treat it a bit like a Christian book club, with one couple hosting each meeting and providing the main course and guideline for the rest of us to bring a dish to go with it. We eat, visit, and then we get into some pretty heavy conversation sometimes. We've done fiction, non-fiction and we also did Pilgrim's Progress movie for 2 get togethers. The jobs are shared by all and we make whatever arrangements we can to get together.

Sue said...

This is such a neat thing that you do!


Byrdbyron said...

This sounds like fun. Wished i lived closer. You will enjoy Crazy Love, our group did a study of it last year.