Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunshine in Erie

Yep, it's true. The sun is shining in Erie, and since there is a big group coming from our school to the zoo around the corner, that's a good thing. My copier is running and it's just another day in paradise!!
Isn't it true, though?? Don't you think if you address was 3549 Paradise Drive, Paradise, USA, there still might be laundry to do?? A dog that needs a haircut and something that isn't working quite the way it should be??
So here's today's question:
What is the best way to deal with hurt feelings...of your own...when they person that did it, thinks they have done nothing wrong?? How do you get over that feeling?? Or the feeling that you are being blamed for things that you had no part in?? I'll gladly take credit for what I did, and I did some pretty strong stuff, but don't be telling people things I didn't do...

OK, now on a happier note. I had a sick kid last night. or shall I say in the morning....what is 4am anyway?? the night or morning?? We bought a pecan pie and left it on the table all day and ate it the next day...never know about many eggs, it probably should be in the frig. Well, now the rest of it is in the trash and those of us who ate it are hoping that is the end. I know some people who put everything in the frig, but there's not room in there for everything...especially with that 1/2 watermelon in there and the extra gallon of milk and the 3 dozen of eggs and the 4 cheese spreads from the FFA, and all the other fresh fruit that I have on my Healthy Habit list for June...and the 3 large bottles of Ranch. (note to self: take out the bottles of Ranch and conbine them. sort through the other salad dressings and toss the old ones)
Took my dad out for Father's Day yesterday. Some years we just go to Addie's for ice cream, but since he has to check his sugar every morning, I'm thinking that is not the most responsible thing to do. Aunt Mary and Uncle Larry went along, too...and my sister, BIL and nephew. I slipped my mom a digital camera for a combined Mother/Father's day birthday gift. They took a trip to Alaska last summer and this fall they are talking about a Hawaii trip and it's time they got over their photo phobia and just did it. It will recharge and the SD card will take more pictures than they will take, so I'm hoping to get her going with it and then be comfortable by the time the plane flies and the ship sales. Last night I called her and made her open the box, put the battery in and plug it in and the light came on saying it was charging!! We have made progress. Next we'll have some memory card lessons and take some pictures and then load them on her computer or delete them from the camera. I think once she gets the hang of it, she'll get braver. I mean, she only wanted to look stuff up on ebay when she got her computer, now she googles everything!! You Rock, MOM!!!
The copier is quiet, so I'd better get in there. I brought my knittin' but I think I'm starting to decrease and need to shorten up my needles. I have 3 sides to do on my binding at home and walking still...maybe bulls' dam...or the track...around my 7pm meeting that shouldn't last long at all.
Have a beautiful day and remember that all you have is a grateful and smile...

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Sue said...

I'm kind of a nut about keeping things in the fridge, but I've got the old one in the garage, which makes that easier. We've left our pumpkin pies out in the cold garage at Thanksgiving before because we didn't have room in the refrigerator. It happens! (sorry someone got fun)

As for your first question, I try to be thick-skinned when my feelings are hurt. But it isn't always easy, is it?

As for being blamed for something I had no part in, that's even a little harder for me than hurt feelings...I'd probably have to confront the person, speak my piece, and then do my best to let it go.

Good luck!