Friday, June 17, 2011


On Wednesday, my friends were getting a car fixed, so they were doing errands in Erie and said 'let's meet for lunch', so I was at Max and Erma's a little after noon and we had a very nice meal and visit. Then we headed out to Joann Fabrics to help pick out material. K is just finishing up the binding of a cozy quilt she is making for one of her sisters and now is picking out material for her other sister's quilt. She wanted some help with that, so I went in and then wondered where they were. They took a shortcut and arrived about 5 minutes after I did!! C grabbed a cart and we got to work. I picked up 5-7 blacks prints and met them down at the gold/yellow section. We used the main wall, and then wandered through the other sections a bit as K debated the things we were stacking in her cart. In the end, she had a beautiful backing, and 10 bolts for the top pieces. Only a few were the ones we started out with, but that's've gotta start somewhere.
Last night I FINALLY got the binding sewed onto that pink and chocolate quilt. Now I'm ready for a few nights of binding in front of the TV. That leaves the one that is on the floor in pieces to be put together. I think that I should go do a row or two there before I go to work. That would free up some floor space for the dog to lay on...just in case he is already laying there when I'm not looking...which is quite often. It looks like it's going to be a nice day.
Things I've got going in the crafty corner:
*the 1st grad quilt needing the binding
*the 2nd grad quilt needing the top put together, layered and tied and bound.
*my quilt that needs LOTS of hand quilting this summer. I've not started the 3 blocks a day that I had figured to get it done by fall!!
*my Christmas knitting gift #1, getting closer, but not ready to decrease the toe yet.

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Be Still and KNOW... said...

So NOW i have you figured out... You only have 4 things on your list... while I have TWENTY FOUR on mine...

So, you get me turned on to projects enough to get them started... and enough to make me crazy... maybe that's why i have a headache!

(I did finish one more square for my crocheted sampler quilt though... I'm stuck on the next one ~