Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of Seasons...

Last night was Bert's last night of golf for this year. Although their team is VERY young, they competed all spring, had a good time and learned along the way. As a 7th grader, he was the youngest. He has been golfing for years, but just fun golfing with the family, and alot of getting tired of it and just tramping through the woods to find lonely golf balls. He always wanted to wear cargo shorts so he could fill his pockets with golf balls. I believe between him and his dad, we probably have more golf balls in our garage than the local sporting goods store! So, now it's just summer golfing for him and that's good. He'll look at it a little different now, since he's been golfing more serious and following the rules. He never came home discouraged enough to not want to go back. I won't miss the very wet shoes everynight, because the golf team will continue when the baseball team's field is too wet to play on. The whole shoe thing has been kind of yucky. I need to get one of those shoe/boot dryers, my friend Kathy tells me. But Dottie quickly suggested that it be NOT in the know...the smell of hot wet shoes can be a little overwhelming!! I'll be checking that out.

At the same time that Bert was finishing golf, Dan was finishing his last high school baseball game of the season. They have lost 3 seniors over the season, and most of the rest of the team is young...sort of like the golf team...real young. But that leaves a lot of potential to come back to next year. Last night the first baseman, 2nd, and shortstop were all freshman, the catcher and 3rd baseman were sophmores, there were a couple of seniors in the field, and a pitcher that was a sophmore and a junior....can't remember all the others... but there just wasn't a lot of years experience there, but if they all continue to play together, they could have a couple of pretty good years ahead.

So it is time to wash those uniforms for the last time in 2011 and send them back to the coaches. It has been a good year.

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