Saturday, January 1, 2011

How Does YOUR list Look??

Goals for 2011 :o)

List 3 things you'd like to experience this year:
1-Knit a sweater or vest - a carry over from last year
2-Re-evaluate our kitchen
List 3 books you want to read this year:
1-Moby Dick
2- Cold Comfort Farm
3-The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe- I've read it before, long ago.
List 3 things about yourself you'd like to change this year:
1- Less Fast Food
2-More walking
3-James Project
List 3 places you'd like to go/see this year:
1- Vermont or New Hampshire
2-Pottery tour with my sister
3-Fiber Festival-Hemlock or Rhinebeck
List 3 people you will pray for/visit this year:
Spiritual Goals:
Table of 8
Sunday School class continue to grow
Family Goals:
Vacation together
Physical Goals:
Ride Bike at least once a week in good weather-never rode at all last summer
Career Goals:
Figure out what I'm doing!
Household Goals:
Cook more evening meals
Financial Goals:
Garden Goals:
Purple Pepper again
Success with onions?!?!
Do as well as last year
Crafty Goals:
Finish my new bed quilt
New window covering for Dan and Bert's room...maybe Andy's too

** I've filled in the blanks after a response. If you ever read me, you may remember that some are repeats of last year. This is my year for friends promise!!


Lisa Loo said...

Did you answer these? I have a hard time setting goals--I get really hung up on failure....

Karen Sue said...

I went back and filled in some blanks.. some are still blank..

Sue said...

You are going to be one busy lady!


Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

I like this idea! I always try to set a few goals for a new year.

Ripley Library said...

So many goals I'd like to reach this year. At home, at the library, family time, trips to make, reading, baking, crafting. Above all the desire to be more organized and to finish what I start in a timely manner!

Byrdbyron said...

I wanted to share with you what Rev. Ann Rathert challenged us to do this year.
She calls it Growing Deeper: A factor of 1 & 1 in 2011.

As an Individual:
Factor of 1 time of prayer each day
Factor of 1 Sabbath time each week

If you already do those, then add:
Factor of 1 time apart each quarter
Factor of 1 retreat each year(a lead retreat)

As a Congregation (depending on size):
Factor of 1 new disciple(s)
Factor of 1 new disciple growing ministry(ies)

I thought these were worthwhile spiritual goals this year.