Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I've been busy...Christmas crafting.

I was busy for a while working on some mug rugs. I just love the idea of having enough room for your milk AND cookies. I even wrote a little mug rug rhyme. Of course it's right here on my desk, as is every other paper I've encountered for the past 2 months...deep, very deep!
A place for the milk AND cookies,
A place for the soda AND chips,
A place for the coffee AND donut,
A place to catch all of the drips.
This nasty one at the bottom didn't make it into my nieces package. I just had that much Steelers left over from something else and hey! Not everyone would appreciate it!!

Then I got on a roll with Fingerless Mitts. I had a book with a pattern that I tried and made my sister a pair last spring, and I made 2 or 3 more of that design....the while hopping blogs, I found this pattern and I love it!! I made some in rust. I made 3 in this blue...note to self: when you are adjusting the size, please write down the color of yarn and the number of CO and the size of needles, so when you finish the second one, it sort of matches the first...Luckily there was enough yarn to make a third, that initially didn't match either, but I 'unknit' it several rows, stuck it back on the needles and finished it again and now we have a match!! I liked this Lion Brand Jiffy yarn look. I'm a wool person, and this is not any wool, but I guess I should warn Petra that hers ARE, so perhaps the dryer and washer are not a good choice!!

THen I just needed to sew again. I had done the mug rugs, but they are piddly and take quite a bit of time for what you have in the end...and after all, it is cold and winter and what better way to handle that than with flannel, so last night, instead of knitting, I cut this out.;.

And I got on a roll, so I made two pair before I went to bed. OK, so I didn't go to bed early, but at least I didn't fall asleep on the couch again. The pink pair is for AndyPandy, and the flowers and butterfly are a gift!?!?!? Can't tell you. Gotta wrap them... But right now, I've gotta shower and go to check the dogs and cats, then off to Cassadaga Valley for a ballgame... no sewing tonight! Have a great day!!


Sue said...

Great stuff, all!

I would love any one of them!!


PS. And I love your little poem, too.

Naturally Carol said...

You have been busy...lovely gifts to give!

Be Still and KNOW... said...
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Be Still and KNOW... said...

I LOVE my mug rug... Pete's b'day is the 14th, isn't that what you made hers for?~

Do tell her about the wool... she has had some mishaps lately

And... I remember what I was suppose to tell you... Peggy loved my gloves, took notes and measurements and I think there will be some flying off her needles this year.

Karen Sue said...

Email me Peggy's email and address and I will get her instructions for yours and also for Petra's which are different! Good take-along projects

Hen Jen said...

love it all, specially the fingerless mittens!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

You have been busy!!

I hope the new year is a good one for you.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing what you are working on. I am hoping to get into pictures as a break from job hunting/organizing and other paperwork. I need to see something creative and happy made! And Happy New Year!!!