Monday, November 29, 2010

Way Past time to post....

Time flies when you're having fun. I'm watching kids get ready for school, while I get ready to walk and hoping my road is NOT slippery. I also saw something FITNESS that I want to check out that is this morning at our community center, so I need to double check that time....I'll be back!!
back from the walk, back from the TURBOJAZZ and back from lunch and one gift pickup. I spent a bit extra time after exercise kind of chatting with the other 'girls' that were there. I need some motivation is getting moving again. I'm sure I will feel body parts I haven't noticed in a LOOONNG time tomorrow morning when I can't spring out of bed!!
I need to kick it in a bit, but now, I'm working toward picking my 7th grader up at school after his practice and taking off to Falconer to Dan's game. I am working on a craft that may be a Christmas gift, so not disclosing any details, but hey, give me some ideas....what are YOU crafting for Christmas this year?? Last year was my apron year and I don't know if anyone is wearing their aprons from me, but I'm wearing MINE!
Had to take a minute or a bunch to run a pattern over to Mindy's house. When I got there, she said she needed a different size needle for something she was doing, so I came back and got 4's, 3's and 2's, One of them should be just the ticket. You have to pick up your cast on stitches and then bind them off together, so a smaller needle helps that to go MUCH better.
Now, it's back to the thing I have been puddlin' around with this weekend. Better get movin' or I won't get to cross off any of my 10 THINGS for today!
Hope yours is good!!

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