Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Dreams...

Several years ago, a friend had some neat old fashioned santa material in flannel - Debbie Mumm, I think. And she was making Christmas pillowcases for her kids and gave me some and I made pillowcases for my kids.
Well, now 2 of my babies are in college and I needed to help their visions of sugarplums dance in their heads... so I got this Christmas lightbulbs material in 100% cotton and also in flannel...yeah, they have it in fleece, too, if you want some of that! And I used the green flannel with the flannel and sent those to Fredonia....I used the yellow stripes cotton with the cotton print and sent them to UB... and we have the originals here. I may just make a few more new ones for us, but for today, we're good.
Do you do something like this for December?? These go one after Thanksgiving and stay on until New Years time... then away until next year ....Merry Advent !


Sue said...

What a perfect idea. They are lucky to have you!


Naturally Carol said...

No I've never done anything like that before for Christmas...a great idea though.