Friday, September 10, 2010

Yesterday's Bread

I made another batch of wheat bread yesterday. I have made 3 batches of bread in the past week...or make that 4 because last Friday I did a double of wheat. Now I'm out of wheat flour and need to add that to the list. I like homemade bread. I've found that sometimes it goes better here when I make at least one of the loaves into rolls. My rolls usually turn out in a way that I can cut them horizontally and they fit my toaster slots. It's easier than slicing a whole loaf, too. And you can make a sandwich pretty easy, too, or grab a couple on your way out the door. My dad likes a loaf, so that's what he gets. I made bread for my friends this summer and called to see what the preference was: loaf or rolls. I aim to please! And now I'm thinking I'll start my new project. I have received a request to try a couple of things.... Off to the sewing spot with Carole and James...I'm lovin' that Live at the Troubadour Disc...sometimes I play that and sometimes I stick the DVD in my computer and invite them in and I watch a bit, too. It's some of the stuff from my 'formative years' and I still like them.


Kim said...

Are talking about Sweet Baby James? Love him!
It looks like you are thinking of making aprons. They are one of my favorite projects.

Karen Sue said...

Yes, Kim, it is Sweet Baby James Taylor with Carole King Live at the Troubadour and it makes me want to go hang out in some of these places....just to hear people make music. I had a friend who's dad had an auction barn when we were 6th-8th grade. We'd go in there when no one was around and turn on his horrid mic and sing to that empty space. Carole King was one of my favorites then. They hadn't thought to make money off of us and call it Karaoke yet!!

Sue said...

I love Live at the Troubadour, too. We saw that concert, and it was great!

The bread looks yummy. i'll take the rolls, please.


Byrdbyron said...

Know every line to the Tapestry album. I think I wore out two LPs and a cassette tape.

Karen Sue said...

You know it was Beth Buck I was singing with! The new set has a CD and a DVD in one pack and TARGET had it for $9.99!! I've enjoyed it way more than a couple of Big Macs already!
I know you went and I'm sure my ticket envy is pretty sinful!
I've just been through a BIG shop for apron to get to work!