Friday, September 10, 2010

I've been reminded that I didn't put in a picture of the boys' completed room... well, part of that is because the boys' room is not the neatest place and there are still things that need put away and dealt with and arranged and well, they are boys...!
Dan makes his bed, but usually lumpy. The main quilt he made himself years ago...mostly turtles and fish prints. The little one here on the corner is his 'weed blanket'. It is the quilt I made him when he was a baby. It is absolutely raggy, but it is his. He has always called it his weed blanket, because flowers are for girls. The printed design has long since washed/worn off and I used to tuck it in with him at night and say "Where'd you get this blanket?" and he would reply, "You made it for me." And I'd say "Why?" And he would answer, "Because you love me!" A good night time routine at any age.

As you may be able to tell, these walls are 70's swirled plaster. A bit of a nightmare for paintrollers and FATHEADS applied to the wall. The surface is not smooth enough for the FATHEAD, so we had to get some gluedots. We have more to apply, but it kind of got put on hold to see if this one would stay up.

This is the top of Bert's dresser. He is a Legomaniac and proud of it. One of his favorite activities is to dump a lot of Legos on his bed about 15 minutes before his bedtime and get REAL involved in constructing something. I am trying to convert him from assembler to creator. You know those great kits you buy make one thing and he was hesitant to make something else, but now he is working out designs with different number of legs and step at a time !!
Hope you have a great day and a nice weekend. Maybe I'll see you in Westfield tonight watching Football.

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