Saturday, September 4, 2010

what a week...

I know you all have them...those weeks where you just fit alot in and when it's done you go WOW...I DID get a bunch done this week.
Monday was Bible Study and knitting...not so long as the last couple because football double sessions were over. I showed those felted slippers and we decided I should give them another hot bath and see if I can get them just a bit more than the other. My knitting project is new felted clogs. I might have mentioned that I have worn holes in both layers of both the left and right slipper. I take this as a good sign that I wore them enough to wear them out, but it does leave you a bit empty. Cold feet and nothing to make them warm and happy.
I had red yarn left from the pair i made Scott a few Christmas' ago, so I had added another red and a tan to it at that time, luckily, since that yarn shop is no longer in business. And had enough for another pair and it has just been waiting. Well, this is the season of found projects, and finishing up stuff and creating. Kathy, is working on her thick, warm socks and Willowe and Cheryl are going for the self striping, thinner ones. Very nice work all the way around. Much concentration and laughing. Willowe is our resident 'unknitter' so that when we booboo, she undoes it for us. I'm not as good and sometimes slip stitches around. I have had enough practice, but wouldn't it be great to never have to 'unknit'!! My problem is talking and not counting, but I ended up OK so far. So now you know that I'm sort of into the whole knitting new slippers, especially since it is getting a little cooler here. But I kind of had to put that on hold because of the 'crops'...
After I got home, I called the tomato lady and the corn people and I lined up 12 dozen for Tuesday..yes I'm crazy. Thanks Bert, my corn husker. And I called my friend Kathy about her uncle and aunt and the fruit on their farm and she told me that the deer had done serious damage this winter to the blueberries, but Karen, making pizza's at the store, has blueberries at her house she didn't I went back to Clymer to pick some blueberries, because the nets are off the bushes and that means they are free to the birds and they don't last long then. I just like to freeze some and put them in my blueberry muffins in the winter. I'm not a blueberry pie of cobbler person, but muffins, oh, yeah. I like my homemade blueberry muffins.
Then my mom called and suggested we go to the Amish produce auction held beside her on Tuesday morning and see if we could get tomatoes!! Oh, WE GOT TOMATOES!! 16 half bushel, That's right>> 8 bushels!! He who hesitates at an auction loses out, and she who nods, brings home the tomatoes!!
Sold a bushel to Denny and Cindy Edwards on the spot...thinking about splitting the rest between 3 of us and then my sister Lori said she'd take 2 bushel...down to 5...I did 2 and Mom and Willowe each did 1 1/2. They were great toms though...Not many mushy rotten ones, which was great, considering I didn't finish mine until Thursday, because of the corn, the shoe shopping trip, the other stuff. Had to stop on my way home with the tomatoes to pick up the corn...But now I have 35+ bags of frozen corn, many qts of tomatoes and quite a many pts of pizza sauce.
I along with the 'putting up' I rearranged the canning/pantry shelf unit that I got last summer and took a bit of inventory of it. Thinking I need some more empty qt jars..there's still grape juice and a few other things...maybe not too much more canning this season... Gotta get some ground beef from my favorite butchers at Neckers Company... Order bulk stuff from Linda's order in Oct. May even have to buy flour before I order it. Wild that I can easily go through 100 lbs of flour in a year and maybe more. Haven't been making the bread this summer that I was getting into last year, so Friday I made 2 batches of whole wheat because my dad likes mine better than the store. gotta drop it off to him when I go to my football game today. If I was really good, I'd have taken it over hot, but hey, I have my limits of goodness.. But as school starts, and the mornings are a little dimmer and the night comes a little earlier, I think about storing away, about making soups and chili and baking bread and snuggling under warm blankets and having a fire in the fireplace.

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Ripley Library said...

Great to see that you're staying out of trouble or at least keeping yourself so busy that you can't get into as much.
The library has been hopping with book sales and BBQs and now we're getting ready for another basic computer class, story time and a night at the winery.
Guess we're both staying pretty active and that's a good thing, but making soups and snugglin' up with a good blanket sounds wonderful too!