Tuesday, September 7, 2010

today....non-labor day

Today I am not keeping on task. I was going to do my best to unload my brother's trailer full of wood that he left yesterday. But as with many jobs, there is a little more to it. First there was the ground beef in the frig that I wanted to fry up and throw together with some other stuff to make chili. I know, it's hot now, but when I started, it was cold and it sounded good and I can eat it later, when it cools down again, and maybe throw some in the freezer for another day that it is a bit cold and icky out. I'll be glad for a bowl then.

Before you start stacking this year's wood, it's a very good idea to totally stock up your inside fireplace woodboxes. Full to almost overflowing... yep and that wood that is inside in the furnace room, that space needs filled up, too. But the light outside the door to outside here hasn't worked for a while and now that it is nice out and not cold and snowy, let's get a new bulb..except that didn't work. So I got another one that I knew worked, but it didn't either...and then I tried another switch, cuz I think it's a 3 way. 3 way light switches really seem a good idea at a time, but you never know when one goes, which is the problem. Without knowing what to do next, I put the old bulb back in, screwed the top back on and then did a couple of other things that I had walked by that seemed to need finishing.... there is my stack of laundry in the family room that happened yesterday when my new college student asked me to find something for her...4 baskets later, I had what she needed and many stacks of clothes. And there they stayed because she was about ready to go back to Fredonia to get smarter....oh, she's already smart. After all, wasn't I the one who was folding all those clothes?? Don't forget to keep stirring that chili...
And then there is the knitting bag that I am creating. I really like the little one I made and now I'm ready to put the big one together. And I needed some aqua thread, so I picked that up at Walmart last night, while stocking up the college student. So I wound a bobbin and sewed on a pocket or 2 and turned under the tops and measured the strip for the sides and bottom, and then decided I needed to get outside or I'd never move any wood.
But you know, my wheelbarrow has a bad tire. After a construction project here, there is a fast leak, so I know that I would have to blow it up...turns out that I will have to blow it up every few trips. And then I decided that some of the really old wood down under should go up to the firepit for hotdog nights or just to rot away up there. So a trip down with good wood it followed by loading up the yucky wood and pushing it back up the hill to the firepit, back to load up more good wood. Not many trips and now it's lunchtime. I'm really going to make a dent in this woodpile in the trailer, but I do need a little more figuring about what to put under the new wood pile side where I'm taking out the rotten stuff. It will be a little while before I'm ready... I'm eyeballing a couple of railroad ties, but wondering how much muscles that will take. If I got the under part dug out a bit, it looks like a good football exercise, don't you think!?!??! Push, Pull, Slide, Grunt....have to think a bit longer on that. Somewhere there is a camera with a picture of the trailer full...perhaps I'll wait and post it as a before and after.... :o) Have a great Tuesday!! Short week...BONUS!


Sue said...

You've been busy. It's hot here, but the chili sounds pretty good anyway.

(I love a good chili!)


Leigh said...

That was just exhausting, reading about it! I have some wood that needs cut and stacked if you are interested? ;) LOL

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I am inspired just listening to you. I love having a house to start projects in :) But you know my feet are going to be cold this winter since I have a real garage and patio - just saying if an extra pair of slippers made with love made their way to Clarion, I would be warm and happy and know I was loved!!! :)

Karen Sue said...

Sue- We have now been gifted with a big thunderstorm, so the chili was perfect!

Leigh- My brother's got at least one more load in his basement for me and I didn't make much of a dent, but I'd be glad to stack if you want to cut. Not too much experience in that part.
We'll have to deal on the slippers, but I'd love to teach you to make them, and you could make them for your little kiddles, too.

Be Still and KNOW... said...

Jocie... Karen is a GREAT teacher... she came here for a long week-end and left with a quilt she taught me how to make nearly done! And we did some road trips too!

Karen... you need to call Don about moving railroad ties... He McGyverized a boom w/chain to his lawn tractor and positioned them quite smartly.

PLEASE be careful though... I have plans for you next spring.


Anonymous said...

Fine, I will not be lazy!!! I would love to learn but that would mean actually seeing each other face to face - gotta figure that out!!!