Thursday, September 16, 2010

Today, while the blossoms, still cling, to the vine...

But not by much!!
I have hacked away my ornamental grass. I have picked tomatoes, tossed a yucky Zuch, and wondered what's eating the Xlarge cucumber. I have felt sad about the Pumpkins that did not grow this year, but feel good about the wood that is stacked and ready for my fireplace.
I rejoice with my brother and his friend, who got a good report from her cancer doctor! She lost her husband to cancer a few years ago, and just when she was starting to get life moving forward, it knocked on her door. It was a rough stretch for her, but I'm happy to report LIFE IS GOOD!! And we praise God every day for his hand on her.
The tomatoes are canned and ready for winter, the corn is frozen, the crockpot is full and although the kitchen floor is NOT clean yet, I still have tomorrow! I think I'll head over to watch the girls play a little volleyball and enjoy it as a extra. Today I shuffled and didn't get too creative, but I got some stuff done that needed it, and some days, that's just enough. So, I'll blow out the candle and change my shorts, which somehow ended up with melted choc chip smeared on the front of my leg...and then I'll come back and see what's left to do for today...
I have less than before, but again, Oh, SO MUCH MORE!!
Why is it that we can't see what we have often times?


Lisa Loo said...

Amen! Sounds like you got A LOT done! Sorry I have been AWOL--life has been a little crazier than normal but thanx to google reader I do read you every time you post. You have been busy, busy, busy! We have had the weirdest summer here, nothing is ripening--hopefully it will before the frost starts. Will try to do better in commenting--you are my wood gathering/stacking hero! :0)

Sue said...

So glad that the news was good about your brother's friend.