Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday stuff..

This is from our last home game..
Silver Creek game breakfast...Bert in flag football....chicken barbeque...Dan's game...sunshine....GRIDIRON MOMS shirt...what's not to love about today? I just don't know how many trips it will take or if I just stay there the WHOLE TIME!! Perhaps my knitting, Sunday School books and my library book should be packed, along with numerous changes of clothing for me and some boys, too.

Although I've heard it said that the attitude is not good this week, this school we're playing is much bigger than ours.. the team we're playing is big and strong and good and older than ours and I think as a mom, it's OK to just want to have no one get hurt...oh and to score once or twice would be bonus!

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Sue said...

That was always my prayer...that no one would get hurt, ESPECIALLY when we were playing bigger teams!