Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yesterday I made yet ANOTHER trip to Lowe's. 3 gallons of paint later, we're back in business. The boy's room had fake beams on the slanted ceiling. Do you remember them from the 70's?? Lots of great 70's touches are still found here, but being updated on a semi-regular basis. If you are in need of some great stuff, let me know and I'll save them for you. You WILL have to dig in the garbage for the light fixture from the bathroom, or pick the pieces of the foam 'beams' out of the dumpstuff, but if you want it bad enough, it'll be worth it!!

SOOOOO...after Dan ran around from 7:30-1 for double sessions of football practice, he had a bad wire, so went to the dentist for an adjustment on his braces...and then I brought him home and put him on the ladder, because he's taller than I am and he can reach all the way up to that high ceiling and after all, this WAS his idea. :o)

He finished up the ceiling and I went to Lowe's (and Home depot, too) ans maybe Target, too... got a couple of things for my new college student, and 2 gallons of Texas Longhorns Orange and a gallon of black, too. Last night Katie came over and Albert assisted and Dan did the high up places and they got the first coat of orange on 3 walls. Dan is off to day#2 of double sessions, but I'm picking him up at 1 so he can do coat #2 on the orange...I'd like them back in that bedroom by the weekend, but perhaps that is expecting too much!! I've got a little work to do on some leftover pieces from the old room and seeing what I have left, so I guess I'd better get at it.

After Andrea is at college...(tears, tears) I'll get back on the phone with DELL and get this stuff all back running correctly. And then I'll have enough umph to post some photos. I feel so naked without my photos!

ANNNDDD....I'm getting set up for the fall Scrap & Sew. Hope I have enough room for all the friends that want to come spend time together. This is not open to everyone, because our space is limited and we have a list of people who have come before, and they all get first dibs on table space, but hey, everyone needs some time away. It just usually works out that when one can't come another can and the numbers come together. Can't wait to go...you know I don't work much, but talk a ton and that's why I go.


Be Still and KNOW... said...

You are such an AMAZING mom...

Have fun. Tell the guys they need to be fully set up in their room by Saturday night or you are coming back in with hot pink!

Sue said...

Orange walls, huh? Well, he's a fan, right?