Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Takin' Care of Business..

Working at my Tax Desk. It grounds me a bit...returning me to feeling of working, not just puttering. That's a problem I have at home...the feeling of puttering. And I can be a VERY productive putter-er, but mentally, I've not adjusted that thinking. I am looking at the nights getting shorter and thinking of the seasons that I have left...maybe blueberries still, corn (hurry), tomatoes, salsa, grapes, peaches?? maybe too late.... and the few tasks I want to complete soon..the entry hall painted, a second trip to the Salvation Army - with a full load!...some organizing of my workroom and the laundry room...probably as part of the SA load.

Making lists and crossing things off...
We have added knitting to our Bible Study days the past couple of weeks. Our boys (1 coach, 2 players and a manager) are doing double sessions, so we just hang out together longer, instead of making 2 trips. I've finished my slippers and they are ready to felt, kathy learned how to knit a dishcloth last week, and has now done at least 4. Willowe started a sock, got some intervention on Sunday between church and SS, and now is helping the other two. While Willowe and Cheryl are going inch by inch, Kathy decided she wanted BIG WARM socks, and has gotten her first one up to the knee and wants another set of needles to do the other one that far while she waits for the help with the heel that she'll get next week. I need a new project for next week. Hoping to felt the slippers tonight and see if I want to repeat them, I have yarn for another pair of felted clogs, since I've worn through the bottom of my first pair...and then there is socks, as long as everyone is doing a pair and I could get some help, but don't forget my sweater...I'm thinking socks, then sweater, with a side of slippers... And next week school starts here in Western NY state. One at Fredonia State started on Monday, the UB student to start this coming Monday...10th grader practicing football now, starting with the 7th grader next Thursday... things will go back to ....normal?? whatever that is. Isn't it funny, how all year, I tell myself how it will be different in the summer when I have more time and then summer is over, and I really didn't have more time and things didn't get done, and places didn't get gone to, and well, that's just the way it was. So then I tell myself, once we get back to school and in the routine, it will be easier, and it isn't. And now as our summer Bible Study time is coming to an end, we are not done with our book, and we don't want to stop, so we will finish this up and have ordered books for trying to do another in the time that we don't have during the school year, and there is that Ortberg book calling me from the nightstand for Table of 8 and then don't forget the SS book and the new one we're getting for after that about the Women of the Bible, and I'm thinking busy doesn't begin to describe it. But it is a good busy and we'll go to bed tired, but smiling, and comforted.

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Sue said...

You seem to have a great experience with that Bible study group.