Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a little smile..

As my friends and I are getting a little more into knitting, there is a cute story to share.
One of us was sitting at home, using great amounts of concentration to work on the tiny stitches of a sock...the first sock ever and it was starting to come together...when her husband walked by. He returned in a little bit and laid 5 one dollars bills on the arm of her chair...and said....
My internet locked up, so I just exited out of this thinking it would clear and I'd start over...but I've had 2 comments already!!!
.....and said....."honey, go buy a pair of socks." When she was still knitting on those tiny needles a while later, he put down a twenty and said," OK, go buy a really good pair of socks!"
...which was funny without the comments, but now you have to come back and read the WHOLE story!!
The truth is, this pair of socks is like a puzzle that needs solved. We may never make socks again, or we may make piles of them, but the first pair is a challenge to be met...

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Kim said...

Oh, sounds like romance.