Sunday, August 8, 2010


When friends get together, sometimes they just need to go we did! Cheryl's Mom & Dad went to Lancaster at Easter time and saw the Joseph show, and she thought it would be a great thing for us to do in the summer. So we made plans...then we changed the plans and the date once, and we packed up and took off. Willowe is carrying massive quantities of water and gatorade or juice here. We did an extreme Dutch date. In my youth, they'd say the old folks were on a Dutch date if the men were in the front and the women in the back... We put the women in one car and then men in another. Lots of good talking and we had a blast...then when we needed a potty break or it was time for ice cream, we'd call them on the cell and say...STOP! And they were happy to oblige.
Here I am with my honey inside the White Horse Tavern or something like that... and next here are our HONEY'S outside the same establishment. I told them I had to send them this picture because it was so awesome and often when I sneak up on Cheryl, her eyes close, so I'm voting they use this in their Christmas card this year...hey, who needs a picture of the kids when the parents look so darn good..Thanks Mark and Cheryl!Then a different day, the day the we went to the Joseph show, we drove around to this place and Willowe posed by the steps we had trouble reading... yes, try them again and they make perfect sense....Still having trouble?? Bottom to top, folks.....
We had chosen the Lancaster Brewing Company as our dinner stop and it was fun! A variety of flavors to choose from and then just ordered a variety of pizza's and apps and shared them all. Except for Kathy, who is NOT the experimental kind of eater and she just went with the safe choice...that's OK Kathy. We love you even when we're NOT eating off your plate... :o)
Here they are, the Heil's, patiently waiting for their stuff. Or maybe they've just finished everything...
Yep, looks like the eating is all done. And everyone looks fully satisfied with the feast. Back to our rooms to play games. BUZZWORD anyone?? Cards, perhaps??

Thanks for coming along. We had a great time and we recommend it for all our friends. We even sneaked in a Ladies Bible Study session when the guys were playing cards in the other room. and this morning we're having another, so I guess I'd better get a move on to go wish my sister well, put Ice in her cooler and meet my walkers and then my BSers...Bible Study-ers, of course.
Have a great day.
Thanks to the guy we dragged from the restaurant to take this so we could ALL be in it!


Anonymous said...

Love the pic of you and Scott - looks like a fun time.

Sue said...

What a fun idea. It seems like you have some great friends.


Conny said...

It looks like you're having a great summer, Karen. I love the steps to the brewery - so clever. :>)

Karen Sue said...

We had great fun
I have great friends
despite being out of work right now, I'm having a pretty good summer.

Hen Jen said...

oh gosh, I love those yellow steps!!