Monday, July 5, 2010

I borrowed this...

I went onto the Fredonia College website this morning to check out the schedule for our orientation this week and who should greet me, but my kindergarten teacher... Yup! Mrs. Ostrander was the lady who taught me the love of learning right from the start." Forever Fredonians, Forever Friends.
Members of the Class of 1939 celebrated their annual reunion on July 1 with a luncheon at the White Inn. They are (from left) Phyllis Ellis Wilson, Nellie Bassinger Kasbohm, Ruth Isaacson Ostrander(seated) and Svea Hjalmarlson."
Bless their little hearts. These ladies have changed the world....
I would have guessed Mrs. Ostrander was the one in the middle in the back, but it's been awhile... It's my 30 year reunion this month!!

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Sue said...

I love this photo!