Monday, July 5, 2010

Have you seen my mommy??

Hey, have you seen my mom and dad??? OH, WAIT!! THERE THEY ARE!!...
Yep it's true. Those people who don't travel are doin' it! They have headed out to ALASKA with Uncle Larry and Aunt Mary!! ... Scary, right?? No, I'm not the ONLY one in charge, so you can rest easy. They have Ray next door, and the couple across the road...and me, and the lawnmower boys, although, hey, if it doesn't rain, there will be no mowing....and we'll just have to go over anyway, you know, just to check. And there is my brother, and the lady on the other side...hey, this might be a GREAT TIME to have a party, 'cuz when we were growing up they never left town, so we didn't get to have any of those wild parties like all the kids in the movies get to have when their parents leave town. We were pretty much deprived of some major memories because of it.

I think this was a picture of them this morning...trying to remember everything. Why Alaska, you ask?? Well, my cousin and his wife are in Alaska. She is a wildlife vet. and there are 2 grandchildren up there, one who is pretty new...that calls for a grandparents visit. And what a great place for an adventure!!

I doubt that this will be one of the pictures my Uncle will send home of my parents. We had a pool and my dad used to get leg cramps just thinking of getting in the water. I have never heard him utter the words "beach" or "boat", so I'm thinking this is NOT on the tour schedule.. this them??? I see the bird binoculars!! No, not them...I'll keep looking... but in the meantime, say "HI" to Sarah, will you???


Be Still and KNOW... said...

Have you heard from them yet?

Anonymous said...

I've seen them, but not lately. While I've tried to call them since they left for parts north, no answer...I'm assuming no news is good news.