Thursday, June 10, 2010

Welcome to the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony...
There was a dinner held in Panama at the Rowdy Rooster for a combined recognition of the 'smart kids' know, they do their homework along with practicing sports, singing, working, all the things that teenagers do. The members of the Society for this year. I didn't want to climb on a chair, so mine has some people hiding. Andrea and I both served as President our Senior year. I try not to remind her too much that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree.
It was also a time to recognize the Academic Excellence Awards and she collected a certificate and pin as a fourth year recipient. We're working to get Dan in this group next year.
Wanted to add a picture of Bert in the scrapbook so I took this, but then found a few others in what I was already printing...but I like this and might need to print it anyway. For his book if not for Andrea's...
Gotta go work on those grad gifts... have a great sunny day.


Sue said...

Congratulations to the graduate with smarts!


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