Sunday, June 13, 2010

Methodist Church - Senior Sunday

Thanks Cindy!! Cindy is one of my Missing Mom friends. She sent me this photo today. Andrea was one of the seniors honored at her Dad's church this morning. Next Sunday they will honor her at our church. There were 2 college grads here and 3 high school grads. Hard to believe how fast this time is flying. I posted a little while ago that I think it is difficult for me to work on the graduation projects because it means my little girl is growing up, but I think she'll graduate whether I have the stuff done or not, right?? that means HYPER-MODE!! Stay out of my way...tonight before bed, all of the invites are ready to mail or go to Cherrie and Andrea...3 pillows completed that I wanted to have done last week, a 4th one started and then it's onto the quilts and scrapbook for completion. Life is Good!!


Sue said...

I love it when young people are given recognition for the good things they do.


Byrdbyron said...
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Byrdbyron said...

It seems like the last month before graduation just seems to fly. Not to mention their senior year. I don't remember it being that hectic when we were grads, but it probably was for our parents.