Tuesday, June 1, 2010

today is a crafting day...

All kinds of purple and chocolate brown...graduate's choice...

Yes, I got up and got ready to walk, noticing that it had rained again in the night. I sleep so hard some nights I never hear it. So my gimpy dog, who is getting too old to 'herd' the lawnmower the whole time you mow, has limped up and out to go to the bathroom and when he sees me grab my walking shoes, he is all better. It is really quite funny. Ernie is a good walker and at other times, you'd never guess he has this much trouble getting around. Guess it's like he's been on a bit of a binge! You just gets up and does normal dog stuff, but if you let him out with the lawnmower, or the snowblower, for that matter, he loves spending the whole time chasing around, herding that green deere. No rest until it is in the garage. If you shut it off and leave it out, he drops there and watches it intently...even when you have walked away, he doesn't trust that the thing won't start up and take off! Well, such vigorous activity will leave the dog limping for days now, so we tend to leave him in. He is also an excellant rebounder... Shortly after Andrea was done with the lawn and he was plopped on the back lawn, barely able to rise, I heard a basketball bounce off the cement of the driveway. That dog was up as fast as he could get up, and limping quickly across the lawn to get to the hoop. Yep, he's always ready for a work out. And if you leave the ball in the driveway, he'll lay under that hoop for hours waiting for you to come back to play, so he can rebound those balls that get away.

But today the rain started back up, and Mary doesn't walk in the rain, and I have stuff to do anyway, so maybe we'll wait and go later. We'll need a break. I have a stretched quilt to tie and blocks for pillows and quilts to applique and more piecing and cutting and don't forget the ever-elusive scrapbook. I decided I'm not in a hurry to graduate this kid and that's part of the reason for my procrastination, but it's going to happen anyway and I'll feel better to be done early, so away we go!!

Goal for today: 2 pillows, and more blocks and some tying on the stretched one.

PLUS: I have stuff I didn't plant this weekend because it was dry and hard and today might be a good time to scratch around and get some of it done.


Sue said...

Great quilt!


Be Still and KNOW... said...

So this is a really pretty piece, is it too soon to try another one! sometime when you have an extra 10 minutes send me the dimentions and qty

LOVE the colors ;-)

Karen Sue said...

it is called yellow brick rd and it uses fat qtrs. this is a twin and I think it uses 18 different fat qtrs, but I'll send you info. What size??