Saturday, April 10, 2010

working the crazy shift...

Yep, that's what it is...the last week and counting down. Going to the post office to mail something and questioning the address and bringing it back to double check. People not sure when they'll have time to come in and pick it up...Hmmm...the 15th is TH. Perhaps you need to MAKE time. You've run out of convenience at this point. Mailing is getting to NOT be an option anymore...because it has to get to YOU and then you have to mail it by Thursday. Really just getting to that run-out-of-gas place. I'm reminding myself that I'll be sitting in a chair with a book in a week, and it brings a smile to my face. Right now, my reading time is while the copy machine runs, sometimes in the car, while falling asleep. Don't ask me what the end to ANY movies are lately.
I DID have a chance to watch the State Finals on ON DEMAND last night. Got to see some pretty good ball playing, the jumping celebration, Andrea get her MVP plaque, and get interviewed and the interview with the Liberace-style Sparkle Pants!! Dan's actually on his second pair. The first ones were more of a Lame and the gold sparklieness wore off from use, so a new pair was put into use last year for Dan. Andrew wore Andrea's pair and somewhere Alex has a pair, too. Garret wore Andrea's ever-charming pair of maroon and gold fleece pants. If your kids are into it, make them clothes in their school colors that they can wear to ballgames, on SPIRIT days to school, for other special school events. Sew funky pants..paint T-shirts and Sweatshirts with fun school stuff...players names and numbers...mascots...clean, fun sayings... Albert's shirt that I like the most says: "Yo, ho, yo, ho, a Pirate's Life for me!" Andrea's look a little rough, but they have had years of wear, years of sharing with her friends...when the boys play, the girls wear them, when the girls play, the boys wear them. It's just something cool that you do together... I would love a pair of sparkle pants, but I also understand as an old lady, that would take the way coolness TOTALLY off these, so I just smile from my jeans-wearing spot.
Hark! I hear the copy machine calling me again!!


Be Still and KNOW... said...

ohhhhh, i want a pair of gold sparkle pants and i'm older than u... but i am also the cool aunt beaner!

Let's each make a pair fri and we can wear them all week ;-)

Sue said...

Were you able to DVR the state finals? Or is that not possible with On Demand?


James Alex said...

nuh-uh!!! Incorrect, DAN wore MY pants to begin with!!!!

Karen Sue said...

Brenda- sorry. we're not allowed to put on the sparkle pants.

sue- I don't DVR, but my friend has a copy that I'm taking to my sister's, I hope, so we can watch it together. I have another highlights one that is about 20 minutes and has a lot of good shots on it.

Alex-true dan wore yours, then I made him a pair that the color 'rubbed off' so I made him some sparkly disc ones...only after Andrea said it was OK.