Friday, April 2, 2010

Sometimes when you google, you just get plain old letter GOOGLE...but today I got this and thought it was cool enough to share with you. As a sort of crafty lady, I can appreciate this, as well as being a reader. I happened to google today because my 12yr old came and told me that google was changing their name to TOPEKA because Topeka had decided to change their name to Google, so it was a bit of revenge... well, today it comes up this..which led to a discussion about yesterday being April Fool's Day...and I fondly remember my preschool friend giving me a message to call Ms Lyon at the zoo and since I was planning the zoo trip I headed straight to the phone while she laughed and laughed and I still didn't catch on..yeah, I'm slow like that..
Did you prank someone yesterday?? The youngest put a small post in on the bottom of his teacher's optical mouse so it couldn't register anything... no detention and she smiled. Guess that's success!!

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Be Still and KNOW... said...

Great trick Burt... I'll have to remember that one ;-)