Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Watch Your Step..

As I walked past the front door last night, I skirted around the pile of shoes... and I thought WOW I really need to clean that up. Someone could get hurt tripping over that mess... and then I looked a little closer and notice the wooden shoes that have appeared there recently. My daughter is a queen candidate and they are now doing pictures and dances with their wooden shoes, here in our Dutch heritage community..There's the pair of Lands End shoes that I walk in when it is winter - hoping soon to hang them up for my summer walkers...oh, wait, they are there, too!! Bert's stinky Nike's that he loves to tramp through snow and puddles with and then continue to wear them damp and stinky..those can empty a room real fast! Dan's shoes that are size 14 or so..Andrea's dress shoe, done treking to school on basketball game days that have always been dress up days..soon to be replaced with an assortment of colored flipflops..a couple of pair of black ones, but not always an even number ..Various other shoes for different things in our lives are all lying there, intermingled, telling our story. We are an active family. When we are home, you will find us in slippers or sock or bare feet, but we are ready to dash out the door on a moments' notice with this pile of treasure. Some days it makes me a bit grouchy to get tangled on my way by, but then I think "Hey, I'm a wife and a mom of 4 healthy kids. Rejoice in the blessings of life and enjoy the shoe clutter."
Before you know it, my kids' shoes will just be polite visitors to the door. The days where one shoe is in the pile and one in a bedroom, in a backpack or gymbag will sadly end and I will have no one else to blame for the jumble at the door. So I sit back and drink in those days of shoes piles by the door, gymbags and backpacks on the planter spot, and things dribbled from one end of the house to the other. They are the signs of life, of joy, of family, and they are mine.


Sue said...

My daughter-in-law has a big, beautiful basket near the door where her kids dump their shoes as the enter.


Stacey's Treasures said...

Oh yes shoes can pile up so fast & we do need them right by the door. I like the basket idea.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

We have a slew of shoes by our backdoor at any given time. It's a constant battle to keep them picked up and put up, but it's a sign of a busy happy family living here and I wouldn't have it any othe way! You are so right!

Have a great day, Karen!

Conny said...

Not a comment on the shoe front, but I was just over at Blueberry Hills Homestead and saw your comment. It made me smile. :>) ...because it's nice to be in a place where using the words "thimble" and "seam ripper" are perfectly normal and understandable.

Hope you have a great Easter weekend. Cheers ~

Hen Jen said...

LOL over the wooden shoes, funny!

Ripley Library said...

There are only 2 of us with shoes at the door and even that can get pretty cluttered but once the grandkids come over, our entryway is filled with shoes of all shapes and sizes and I love it!