Saturday, March 13, 2010

missing mom#26 of 52 3/10/2010

I'm just a bit missing...I'm downstairs starting some seeds. These are my babyonions...and they are growing!!


Be Still and KNOW... said...

I wasn't sure what a babyonion was... ba-be-own-e-on???

You'll have to ask Mr Condon about red-raw... it was the unfortunate nick name of a class mate for 4 years.

Isn't if funny what our eye sees! (I was glad Daryl saved me from the unfortunate nickname as he asked the questions first... the board quiz requested us to redraw a diagram... but the space was confusing!) All this story to laugh at myself when I relooked and realized your ba-be-own-e-ons were REALLY baby onions~

Anonymous said...

yeah! baby onions! I havent started anything yet. I figure the next week will be maters and peppers. Everything else can wait till about mid April. Congrats on the onions!