Thursday, February 4, 2010


The girl on the right is mine, the girl on the left belongs to my husband's sister.
The girl on the right graduates this year and has spent her Varsity career in #40.
The girl on the left asked mine - What's your number? That's the one I want!
The girl on the left is a freshman, playing 1st year JV and wearing #40.
They work together on their game, they get along well, and they are friends.
They are cousins by marriage, friends by choice.

Perhaps in playoffs, they will get a chance to play together before the girl on the right graduates. I'll be there. It will be a good show. Almost 12 feet of combined skill. Here's hoping they play several games together.

They wanted me to take a picture with their 40's together. Dani & Andy


Sue said...

It's neat when cousins get to live so close to each other. Looks like they are great friends.

I wish my kids lived closer to their cousins. They have to settle for seeing them at family reunions and holidays.


Hen Jen said...

really, really special!