Thursday, January 28, 2010

Say HEY, Blustery Day!!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and my house was quite delightful,

But since I've got work you know, Stop the snow, Stop the snow, Stop the snow.
It doesn't show signs of stopping, and the temperature is dropping,

And the electric just left, OH, NO!!

Stop the snow, stop the snow, stop the snow!!!
PS: The Taco Soup recipe real soon....


Sue said...

Oh my goodness! What a mess!! A frigid mess, at that.


PS. Love the poem.

Conny said...

Whoaa! You can't even see your house - that's pretty blustery. Keep warm. :>)

Anonymous said...

Yea! poem - and we lost electric for just a minute - now I must go out in the wind and walk my daughter's dog. stop snow!!!

Karen Sue said...

I am quite poetic on occasion. Perhaps you'd like to keep me on your list of celebrity visitors to your English class, Jocie!!
We ended up not too bad in the snow department, but WOW did it blow!
Electric out at work during lunch, just for a few minutes...