Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Say Hey! Nice Day??

Where did that phrase come from?? For me, it was my highschool years...probably someone picked it up off a Saturday Night Live skit, or something like that.
SOOOOOOOOOOOOO....the mono boy is back in school...no contact practice yet, but at least he's back in school. I worked on my messy space again last night/this morning. Did some sewing, have one flannel piece together, ready to start another...then a third. Along with this, I am trying to sort and gather and neaten the space which has become unworkable. I have a spot in the middle of my desk, but there is a pile on either side of me. Time to sort through those papers again. Maybe get some file folders in there and use one of the file drawers for...FILES! instead of random storage of things I have picked up on sale here and there which would be great for this person or that one on the next gift-receiving day....and my hubby has been so generous to trade up his computer screen and give me one, but it is a wide version and I haven't figured out how to view pictures on it without them looking like funhouse mirror images...any help there?? probably Uncle Larry knows 3 keystrokes that would solve this problem, but until then, a screen in a box is taking up space...and I'm not sure why we had an extra one from Erie, but that ended up in my space, too, so I think that is on the next boat to Maple Street and if I need it, I'll know where it is. I'm good with that. Although I did see some dual screen action that was pretty cool, but that means less desk space and isn't that why I was so happy to get rid of the 40lb monitor that used to sit there?? Oh, yeah.
So tonight Bert & I will go over to school and see what they want for play costumes still and I'm thinking apple crisp would be a tasty treat..or maybe that's what I'm making for someone's church meeting tonight...guess I'd better get on that right away. So many things...so little time.
I think I'll just put my feet up and read my book..I'm falling behind on my challenge!

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Sue said...

I'm not a computer whiz...quite the opposite, but I think you need to go into preferences and change the size that things are projected on the monitor.

Good luck!