Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street

Did you grow up with this?? I was more of a Muppets kid later. You know, when we were young.. a black & white TV that got NBC, ABC, & CBS but only if you turned the antenae and Dad was the only one that could do that, so it was NBC for us...sorry PBS was not on our rotor. But I did get to use a party line and a rotary phone growing up... We ate candy cigarettes and chewed bubble gum cigars. My brother rode in a car seat that just had arms that hooked over the back of the front seat, you know, so in case of accident he was lined up with the windshield. We went through ammunition in my friend's 22 and dumped another one's mini bike so much, its a wonder we lived this long. We would walk a mile one way to Louie Hemink's store to buy one packet of Kool-aid on a hot summer day...sometimes we'd have money for a BabyRuth, but not often. We babysat for lots of kids while their parents went bowling in their leagues...ah, those were the days...more memories later...as they come to me... :o)


Anonymous said...

Nice, I like hearing all this stuff! My one thing.....calling the "way back" in the wood pannel sided station wagon and having my best friend's mom put the back window down on the way to the beach. They have banned those windows now...lol. That might explain alot of issues I may have!LOL Ha ha ha

Keep your memories comin'

Sue said...

That's right. We had a party line, too. I'd forgotten about that!