Monday, November 16, 2009

Just a short visit...

Last night I dropped Dan at church for youth and headed over to visit my friend Anna with my big bag of Halloween shopping yarn. She is so funny... Whenever I mention felting my wool, it causes her such just is WRONG for her to knit something and then shrink it on purpose!
But she quickly recovers and we talk about all the yarn and the little bit of time..and if I got a few more balls of that sport weight wool, it would make a nice cardigan...I think she's itching to dump that dishcloth stuff and get her needles into something different. She'd lost her darning needles, perhaps in her chair, that she used to hide her yarn ends...and she asked if I had one in my bag, but I had taken some stuff out, and I guess one of the things was the baggie with the markers and such...but right before I left, I bent down to pick up a small ball of yarn that had rolled behind her chair, and I found her a needle!! and another knitting needle. Thinking I should stop in from time to time and just shake that chair out!! Probably find lots of lots stuff that slips down the edges!! She was glad for the visit, and so was I.
Now I'm going to have trouble staying out of that bag of new yarn. But perhaps I'll head into Erie on Saturday for just a little more yarn... you know....that sport weight that she wants to knit with....She was always the one who wanted to open presents on Christmas Eve ...Posted by Picasa

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Sue said...

She looks like a sweet woman. Sounds like she has a good friend in you.