Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are your vines bearing fruit??

I just want to take a minute today to say how thankful I am for my 3 Bible Study Buddies who are now at my Table of 8 with their hubbies, and my sort-of new Mary/Martha Sunday School class.

We have gotten about halfway through our book...no one wants to miss class (could it be the chocolate??no, I'm sure that's not it!)...we are building such a cool bond between us. It is so nice to feel understood, encouraged and assisted. They really do help! Not just a "that's a great idea. Go for it". It's more of a "Hey, that sounds like just what we need. What can we do to make it happen? How can we help?" I LOVE these women...ok, I call us girls all the time...women sounds so old and mature... :o) A week or so ago, there was a passage about how when you are on the right path, and doing good things for God and growing, it is like eating and getting hungrier instead of full. You want more Bible reading, you want more music, you need more discussion and praising and you can't get enough. This is a group that can make that happen. You don't get near as tired out when someone is helping you pull your wagon...have you ever walked a couple of miles talking to a friend and it didn't seem like it took any time at all, because you enjoyed the time so much with them?? That's how I'm feeling in a lot of 'church' areas right now.

And I will do a little slam right now. I am so TIRED of hearing some of the older people say "oh, we already did that", "we took our turn", "we're too old", "it's your turn to do the work", "we did that when we were young","I just don't do that anymore". ARRGGH!!! They are missing out on so much...I think they are still called to be an example, to mentor and share, to encourage. It's time to fan the fire and get a spark going there. Maybe you can't get on a ladder, but you can sit and do other things. I really enjoy some of the older perspectives on readings and studying. Some have read so much more stuff than I've had the time in life to read yet. Hey, God isn't done with you yet, if you're still alive! You are cheating yourself, you're cheating me and you're cheating God out of some great times!! You've still got so much to give, quit giving up. Show me some of the stuff you know, so it isn't lost forever. I KNOW you've got mad skills!!

As we look past the holidays, toward the new year...we are putting together a Bible reading game/contest to hopefully involve some of those people who were overwhelmed with the idea of reading the whole thing in a year, when we did it a few years ago. I had 20 who finished the whole thing - WOOHOO!!! We are going to do Blessings Buddy/secret pals again. We are hosting a Beth Moore simulcast April 24..hey, the live part in Atlanta is already sold out...wouldn't you like to join us in Clymer NY for the live feed. If you've never heard her before, she is totally inspiring, ever so cute, she hits home in so many ways, and she's really a hoot to listen to!! Who knows what's around the next corner!! Hang out with us and see what happens!!

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Sue said...

Boy, do I ever hear ya...both as regards the strengths of sisterhood and women's groups and concerning older folks who say "been there, done that" as if they somehow get to quit serving the Lord before their life is over. The idea is to go out strong, right?

Oh well, I'm only 57...We'll see what I have to say in a few more years, I guess. Hopefully, I won't turn into one of 'em!