Monday, October 5, 2009

Where's the picture?? This one works for now...

The LOST picture is FOUND!!
See my new shelf?? I took a picture of it in my house, but I didn't seem to have it loaded, like I I'm sending you the official website picture. I did Some Assembly Required last night with a little help from my almost 15..he has big muscle. He went shopping with me and I bought it because then he could carry it. Yeah, I'm pretty smart!!

So, without the wheels, this will support 600lbs per shelf for a total of 3600. With the wheels, the weight limit is 500 lbs, total, for the whole unit. I thought moving it might be pretty cool, and I could just lock those wheels when I wanted, but since I suspected that I might have the ability to overstuff the shelves, I left those wheels right in the bag. I read the reviews before I bought it and got a few tips before I started and these helped. I also read the one from the guy who needed to get heavier wheels, because he broke his because it was too heavy...he must not have read that side of the box that said.. "with wheels, maximum load=500lbs." I was happy with the results and the rest of the family humored me, as only my family can... :o)
I loaded all my happy jars of canning on it and then stood back and smiled. I peeked in this morning and it is still as I left it last night...sort of afraid of things that go CRASH in the night! But it appears that we're good.. I've had this task on my list for 2 summers, so I can cross it off...

ok, so what's next?!!?!?


Anonymous said...

Where is what picture? I see your header the sun setting.

Hey, I can give you my e mail address. I will find a way to get you that pic of acorns. I think its neat that you enjoyed it.

E mail me so we can brain storm ways to get you the pic.k?


Have a great day Karen!

Farm Chick Paula said...

That is a wonderful storage shelf, Miss Karen- I would love one of thos in my pantry.