Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday - enjoy the ride...

Started off this morning taking Dan to the orthodontist apt on his way to school. Then came to Ripley and it is so bright and clear here...I read from my friend who moved to Texas that it is cold there today, but thanks, you can keep it today. Today we'll celebrate what fall is all about. Many of the leaves have turned to yellows, golds and browns. I left the camera at home today plugged in, but I'd take a picture of the tree outside the window here. It is a beautiful color of yellow...just like the section in the BIG crayon box that you always wanted, but sometimes had to settle for the 24 pack. Then I'd take a picture from the top of the hill...before I drop down to the lake level...from the top where I can see all the way across Lake Erie to that factory in Canada...see the ships and boats out on the lake, taking advantage of today...and I think that today would be a great day to have your outside list on a clipboard and check them off one by one. Put this away, roll that up, clean that off, didn't use them this year, so throw them in the trash...will these cushions finally get dry enough today to put away? How about wash the window...and the slider. It seems like too much effort at night when I notice, but right now, with the sun shining in, it's the perfect time...and let's hang some stuff out, because it will get dry today and smell SOOO GOOOD!! and we'll get to relive this day, when we pull those sheets out of the closet the next time...when it is cold and wet and dreary...we can remember the late October sun and how we were a bit brighter that day....but for now, it's back to some tasks right here at the desk, looking out at the sun, thinking ahead to the next orthodontist apt for the day...for the kid who won't miss school...in a different direction than the first one...squeezing in one more thing, but we'll enjoy the ride...that's what it's all about, right???


Sue said...

Wish you'd had the camera! It sounds great!!


Anonymous said...

*sigh* This is such a pretty post; I can close my eyes and see autumn in your neighborhood!
And I'm with you - enjoy the ride!