Sunday, October 18, 2009

The new bed!!

We got a new bed Friday...I jumped out this morning for just a minute and you see what happened?? Ernie has already staked his claim..but I didn't put this picture in so you could see my messy room, although this is actually the neat part of it... the reason is because it is a WHOLE new bed...from the extra supportive frame, which is several inches higher than the old one, to the new springs, which are several inches higher than the old ones, to that nice new mattress. When you walk into my room, it really looks like the princess & the we stacked the new stuff on top of the old stuff.
I am tall and when I swing my legs over the side, I am lacking about a foot from being able to touch the floor.. I feel like Edith Ann from LaughIn.. they told me the other night, that is was Lily Tomlin who played that part. Just for comparison...go into your kitchen, look at your counter, and then climb up on it...yep, that is the same height as my bed!! Sweet dreams... our bedtime prayers don't have so far to travel to get to heaven now!! And it should be much warmer up in the high country!! I guess I'll go try it out...There will be some adjustments needed for the bedding on this set-up, but hey! I told the kids they could just sleep on the lower bunk- under the bed...I think there is room!!


Sue said...

Do you have to use a step stool to get up to it? I think I would need one!


PS. Of course, the main thing is comfort. And a wooden stepping stool could look kinda cute next to the bed...

Hen Jen said...

it's cute! I'm partial to the craftsman look.